What do the  parents and students say ?

My children have very different personalities and skills/weaknesses, but each flourished under your gift of finding the best way to enthuse and inspire confidence in each child. I particularly liked the strategy of building up to the Eleven Plus. Rather than the children feeling daunted by poor results early on from tricky tests, confidence was allowed to build while techniques were learnt. Over the course of the year, the skills developed, and by the end of the year timed tests produced great results.’

‘I also felt that you were straight with me on feedback as to how things were going, and open about reasonable expectations for each child. Both children made it into the school they wanted, which was Pate’s Grammar School.’

‘I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending I Can Do It Tuition for your child. ‘

“I Can Do It Tuition has been able to help both our children to enjoy learning and be successful.”

‘By making learning fun and tailored to individual learning needs, you have improved their confidence, self-belief and ability.’

‘On asking our boys what they would say about I Can Do It Tuition they both said;

“We wish we could go every day, it’s great fun” What more could a parent want?”’

“Thank you so much Katy for all your help and kindness for the past few years.  It’s hard to express our gratitude for helping transform her into the happy and confident girl she is today.  We’ll be sad to say goodbye, but hope to see you in a few years with our other daughter!”

“I have to say we are absolutely thrilled with our daughter’s progress. Not only has her knowledge improved but more importantly she is becoming a lot more confident around her maths in particular. I’m afraid you are stuck with us for a lot longer J.”

“Thank you so much for the great help and support you’ve given me over the year!  I’ve really enjoyed all my lessons and I’m really going to miss you!”

“The time my daughter has spent with you has been such a positive experience.  Her confidence has grown as well as her skill.  She has had such a positive experience of learning – the impact goes well beyond the test on Saturday. “

“Place for Pates!  Thank you for all your help.    Hope your other students are smiling too!”

‘Can’t believe the exam is almost here, seems only 5 minutes ago when we started. I don’t know whether she will pass, but regardless of the outcome, she’s come on leaps and bounds this year which is great to see!’

“My daughter came out of the test with a smile on her face and happy that she’d done her best.  Whatever the outcome – thank you and the other teachers for all you have done with her, but especially to you for being so lovely and building her confidence back up.”

“Neither of us have any regrets. Our daughter enjoyed every single week – she says it was always fun. Her mental maths is noticeably better for having had one-to-one attention from a teacher who made learning so enjoyable. I was impressed with all the extras – things I wouldn’t have thought of, but that made her feel special – a folder to store her work, a reading list designed especially for her to build on her love of reading, different homework tasks each week. You gave such a personalised service.  You always looked pleased to see her and your enthusiasm for her rubbed off on her desire to do well.  It never felt a chore to get her to you in the evenings because she obviously took such pleasure in going to her lessons. We didn’t get the result we wanted at the end of it. However, we chose to make the investment and take the risk. Parents need to understand that the result can’t be guaranteed. We don’t regret trying hard – she had such a positive experience of learning with a teacher who increased her confidence and made her feel really ‘awesome’- that’s priceless.’


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