11+ Coaching

This is a course of weekly term time lessons (either 1:1 or small groups of maximum 2 children) after school on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings, to help prepare a child for the 11+ examination. It provides challenging activities to build on the child’s strengths to boost confidence, develop a determination to succeed and an ‘I CAN DO IT’ attitude to learning.

It includes exam technique practice and strategies, vocabulary extension, problem solving and brain training activities to allow the child to think laterally.
Feedback is available via the comments section of the weekly Record of Lesson booklet, and parents can always contact via email or phone if there are any questions.

Nearer the time of the 11+ exam itself, during weekly sessions, timed challenges, building up to full strength tests including audio practice will be introduced to encourage speed of application and consistent accuracy in answering the multiple-choice questions.

Intensive top-up revision sessions and mock exams will normally be offered by KB Tuition between July and September in the Summer holidays, and it is expected that all children entered for the 11+ should normally take at least two Mock Exams and a minimum of two Summer Holiday Revision Lessons in order to build confidence and consolidate preparation.

From October 2013 the 11+ exam in Gloucestershire changed in line with other authorities in the country. It is based on the Durham assessment test and includes aspects of Comprehension, Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning elements. 

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